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all izz well

The film is in production in 2008 but I also recently watched very telaat June 2011 and will be reviewed now, O Lord my life all too late I think. Marriage Certificate of Origin is not too late hehe aja gan cekidot Okey! Title: 3 IdiotsSutradara: Rajkumar Hirani Genre: Comedy The film tells the 3 students and how to pursue your dreams. Okey we are acquaintances of each players' first yaa!

 This handsome guy His name is Amir Khan's famous bolliwood one of the stars in the year 90 '. until now still famous, he sempet International go get an offer but I think more chose to make work in their own country, so the artist addition he was also a producer. In this film serves as Rancho, the most central figure. Rancho is a genius, critical and Faithful friend. Perfect laah anyway

Sharman Joshi, Gant yaa? hahahaberu first time clay artist india ya ya on Film 3 Idiots Raju served as the family guy who is very very poor but lucky to be studied at what ya forgot my name (?) just the most well-known engineering institute in India, poor Besides Raju had a brother who is not married. Raju always imagined a life overshadowed acute economic problems and dreams dreams

if that is his name R mardhavan, I do not know hehe act as Farhan. Candidates are also engineers. Since its first breathe the breath of the earth, his father had set future Farhan is to become an engineer, his father died saving hard for it when in fact, Farhan is a hobby and talent into an animal photographer. But for the sake of his father he was stranded in technical institutes

who do not know his name, but he served as rector of dijuuki enggering intitut Virus, Got motto "life is a competition" he was saving time, saving time eh but baseball is not economical to have a schedule time shaving every 2 hours 10 minutes dive. He was very disciplined. Well he was the antagonist in this film

Well if this sexy girl really her name Because I IIPA Kapoor, he is well-known artist in India until now never played together in Asoka same Sharukhan Kabhie kabigham discussions. Recently crowned as the most popoler artist in India. Serve as a daughter Pia Virus. He had a fiancee who amit amit pelitnya and judge things with their wealth

This I also forgot his name, on 3 Idiots serve as Chatur. Masiswa smart people believe that education is the only path to success, in Arita wealth. She was his enemy 3 Idiots (Rancho, Raju, Farhan). He justifies any means for the ratings and value, including breaking the concentration of other students with menyelundupkanm pornographic magazines into their room so the students do not learn. yeah Rev the score or the lower the value of your friends

NOW we discussed synopsis!
After graduating college and Pia Raju lost Rancho Farhan who just disappeared. For a long time they searched unsuccessfully search for Rancho existence until finally Chartur called Farhan and Raju for each membukstikan their success after college. Flash back Meen yeaah!
to the period in which the three of them still in college, when they were new to the campus, college atmosphere where there is the Rector who was nicknamed Killer Virus Viru Sahasrabuddhe who was so killernya to many students who through the stress and even suicide. But while almost all students did not pass that fear against the virus, Rancho even dare to act contrary and against the established teaching system virus, even Rancho also eventually change the mindset of his friends Farhan, Raju and Pia who is the daughter of viruses that are more most important thing in life is to listen to what your heart and pursue our dreams and not even fettered by the environment around us. Or any other word that more cool Find Your Passion And Live With It!. Not important now ranks or rank 1, which is more important is that we can use the knowledge gained .. waahhh essentially deh so many moral message in this movie and very inspiring ... but great all depicted without patronizing the audience. Or if its slogan Rancho .. AAL Izz WELL! Well a lot of lessons from this film, because I'm tired ah hehe uh but a while, this film diputer in 40 countries in the world looh, even to the American cinema!

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  1. kaya kenal postingan ini deh.

  2. i did watched dis film..
    so intresting!
    5 stars.. :)